Ontology and Epistemology

Ontology and Epistemology are the two different terms but they both are depends on each other.Ontology is depends on the epistemology in some facts.

  1. What is ontology? How is it relevant to research?ONTOLOGY is the term which defines reality, means it shows that the thing exist in our surroundings  is real.Ontology is the study of ‘being’.It is  the knowledge of being real.

    In terms of research , Ontology is relevant in research because without prior knowledge we cab not do state anything real.To get the knowledge about  any fact that is real we must first have to take the review of that.So, ontology is relevant in research.


  2. What is epistemology? How is it relevant to research?
    We have the knowledge of the thing which is prior validate, it says Epistemology. Epistemology is gaining knowledge through reasoning. This knowledge is justified and and opinion based.Epistemology is very much relevant in research because it is the way to prove the things around us is real. It is the basic method in science to know about the validation of the things which is true.
    Epistemology in research provides the information about the true things which are in existence.


  3. What is the connection between ontology and epistemology in a research context?Connection between Ontology and epistemology is of “Reality”,having knowledge of real and other is how the thing is real. Ontology and Epistemology are interconnected to define the reality, rather it is by  knowing or by knowledge.

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