DBR is basically educational research with the theory-driven design of learning environments, DBR is an important methodology for understanding how, when, and why educational innovations work in practice.

a systematic but flexible methodology aimed to improve educational practices through iterative analysis, design, development, and implementation, based on collaboration among researchers and practitioners in real-world settings, and leading to contextually-sensitive design principles and theories.

esign-based research is pragmatic because its goals are solving current real-world problems by designing and enacting interventions as well as extending theories and refining design principles



  1. What is it?
    Its research into how any educational learning is taught to then experiment with ways of improving the educational methods. DBR is also called  as Design-Science Research.

2. What kinds of questions/problems might it be useful for?

It might be useful for education. A tutor can ask how to make his/her lesson/class          better.


3. How could it be used in IT research?

Re-design a framework, instructions, tutorials, lessons plans, etc.
During System Development Life Cycles, in the information gathering and analysis phases and over the various iterations such as maintenance, testing. 

4.What are the strengths of the approach?

DBR is Pragmatic because its emphasis is solving Real world problems.


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