As i wrote this paper, I was thinking  to write and find about IT role in education system as well as in the economic growth of countries.I found that i am finding credible  things about the subject.It is true that we have to find credible evidence about IT role in all the fields as well as in the economic growth of countries. So the study of credibility or epistemology and ontology gives a direction how we can find all the credible evidence about the things we want to research.This was very interesting and i must say is important in research area to give the best proof of what is real. I found that there is big difference in knowledge and Reality.

I find Research Method very useful  because now i am able to think logically about the things. Also i am able to find the reality or credible evidence for my research.I found a little hard in the starting but in the mean time i stay tuned.

Research method is good class in all my aspects.


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