Area Of Interest

I had wrote abut my area of interest about IT in  education.I find this area as per my interest.
Here i describe about education system interest in some answers of questions. I have studied about the role of  education system from google and my own experience.I have learned through google articles.Here are  many things I have to research and learn , to do my best i will find many aspects about education system.

I wrote about my personal interest in the answer of some questions :

Short description of area of IT that interests you (explain it to me!)

IT in education Field.Information technology is giving a new way to grow the education system.Because with the help of Techniques the institutes are making their way of providing knowledge to their students in an effective way.


Why is it interesting to you.

Because i want to know all about the Information technology how it is making difference in the society to do the work easy and effectively.


Three things you know about it

As i know about the IT that we use this in software development. Softwares are the devices which helps in solving the task.


Three things you believe about it

Education system will be very effective,With the help of IT students will do all practical work . Students will grow in their life with the help of Information Technology.


Three things you don’t know about it

As i am studying IT, i can say that i have to know more things in my learning hours.


Would you rather: Do something, Research it or Do both



Go and see if you can find an online resource about it – (post url) forum? facebook group? linkedin group? or a good blog?

  1. Identifying a possible project
    Construct 10 (interesting!) questions about your topic



Identify three good questions/ideas

What Is IT?

How IT comes in instance?

What is the Role of IT in the society?

Is IT  helping in every Field of Life?

What is the Importance of IT in Education System?

Is IT helps in research?

Who found IT?

How IT works?

Where did IT First Implemented?

 What will the future of IT?

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