Weekly Blog 18 September

    1. Did the abstract tell you the three things I said it should? If not, what did it tell you?
      In this paper the main focus is on the educational System.Yes, the abstract tells the three things that are ,the title name is in the abstract, the author  work is defined that he explained the role of information technology and also the conclusion is given that how the society enters in the field of information technology. 
    2. What seems to be the research question(s) they were trying to answer ?
      Research questions are all about how the IT improving the education system.Here,the author is trying to answer about the IT role.He compare early time education system and now these day,He find some difference but he find the same organisation of class rooms as it was in early time.
    3. What  methods did they use to answer the question(s)?
      The author used simple language to answer but he took examples of many things to define what is IT,role of It,how IT is important.He also defined that how It improve the life of society.
    4. How credible do you think the paper is?
      Paper is strongly credible it is so because the authors are professor in the recognized  universities.Also the published year is given in the paper.Keywords are also given the paper which the authors used.
    5. Did you agree, or not, with what they wrote in their conclusion? Why?
      I agree with the authors which the wrote in their conclusion. Because they said about the IT , how it is making  the education field so easy,modern.They said that to get the work simple and fast IT is palying very powerful role in every field. 
    6. Briefly describe two things that you learnt from the paper.
      First thing i learn about the Information Technology.I get the knowledge about Information technology how this made the society to do their work easily and in less time.
      Second ,the main thing i learn about the education system.Author describe how education system is moderating with the Information Technology.Educational institutes are using Information Technology increasing their efficiency of performing best. Using Information Technology education system  establishing cooperation and coordination between various parts in the field of using the aforementioned tools.
    7. In no more than 250 of your own words (i.e. a paraphrase), describe what the paper is about .
      This paper is all about the information Technology. This paper is describing the what is the information technology.In this paper authors compares the early time education system and today’s. This paper told about the Information technology how IT changed the structure of the education system. How the education system is modernized using information Technology.
      Author describe about the importance of the Information Technology in the education field. Information Technology changed the face of the educational institutes to improve their efficiency. IT is making education system easy and effective result oriented.

One thought on “Weekly Blog 18 September

  1. This is really, really good work. And it appears that you could use the content for something. There is probably an APA reference missing – but it must have been my instructions not being clear enough.


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