Before explain about truth, I have my own opinion about truth is that “Truth” is the element or real thing on which we can easily trust. We thinks that its real and exist between us. Also it will be  happened.As i read about truth it was only that if we belief in something then its truth. It’s not easy to define truth but at one point we can simply define the truth about the fact which really exist and we believe in it.

 Is there any difference between ‘knowing’ something and ‘having knowledge’ of something?

A little bit tricky to answer but Knowing is like a person is trying in his life cycle to get the things on the other hand Knowledge is the asset of any person which he/she gets from his experience and they can store it as future box

 What is ‘truth’?

It’s very challenging to define Truth, but as i get knowledge about truth and from my opinion truth is the belief of anybody who think that the thing is real and it exists.

 What do we really mean when we say something is ‘true’?

If we are saying our course that RES701 is discovered by someone then we will say Yes its True then its mean we are in believe that it is created by someone. our mean to say it is True because we have knowledge about this.


Is there a difference between knowing something is ‘true’ and believing that something is ‘true’?

Yes there is big difference between Knowing something is “true” means that we believe in it after our effort and believing that something is “true” means it already exists with some true facts and we get information about it.

What is the difference between subjective and objective ‘truth’?

The main difference between Subjective and objective, if something happened on a particular subject and its true then we called it subjective truth.It just the believe of someone’s experience.

On the other side objective truth is that truth which is proved by the science.If anything proved by science then it is accepted by everyone.

What is a ‘fact’ and can ‘facts’ change ?

Fact is the step of work in which a careful monitoring is done.Fact is the observation of any experiment which is true. Yes, facts can be changed ,in my point of view if i finds something advanced in previous facts then i can change the facts.

How do we discover if something is ‘true’ or not?

Sometimes its not easy to say about something that it is true or not.
ButWe can find about something it is true or not by comparing the views of others and also with our own opinion after having the information about that thing.

“We do not see things as they are but as we are” Anais Nin. What does this mean?

Its mean that if we are saying a red apple green it doesn’t mean the apple is green. We have to believe on the same thing as it is, We can’t prove the Color red to green.We have to believe in the same as the thing is.We believe in our ideas but its not always true.

Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”Einstein. What does this mean?

Einstein said that Reality is illusion because he tried to say that if you want to do something you need to find some space before this the space must find you.As i read a paragraph on this topic,it stated that it all depends on prior  proved things. Reality is depends on the facts which happened in earlier time but proved as reality.

Is there a difference between ‘true’ and ‘valid’? Explain!

Quality of arguments  is Validity  while truth is  value of statements.Valid things are proved by some experiments and after some discussion so the discovery of any thing can be valid and we can say these statements as true.



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