Research is:

Research- As the name tells this word is made by the combination of two words RE+SEARCH.

It means we are getting the true facts about some topics which are earlier search by someone. Research is again discovery of the the facts with some additional and innovative ideas.


In my Point of view Research is the part of life, even in small areas also.
Research journal is the publication in which the information is given relating to any field like education,industry.Researchers do it for their self though they can explore their work and secondly they make it ease to others to get the knowledge through their experience.

Plagiarism  is the copy of others work,which creates complexity in their own work who make plagiarism by keeping others ideas same.

I think plagiarism is avoided through our own research and then document it in our
own way.



  1. What do you think ‘research’ is?

Research is that process in which a person or group of persons find something
advance to do in the existed work.In research we learn to do some interactive and             innovative work.Research is discovery.

2. Do you think you will ever need research skills?

Yes, if i will go for some research work then surely i will need of research skills.

3. What do you think a research journal is and who is it written for?

Research Journal is, is that documentation part which helps students in their academics.
it is mainly written for academics purpose. It provides a fixed and clear vision towards presentations.

4. What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the form of copy of data of other person documents and mark it as own.
Plagiarism is stealing of others data.

5. Why is it important to avoid it?

Its very important to avoid plagiarism to show our work as our own.We can avoid plagiarism by adding citations, through copyright document.




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